The drunken walk: how to think about this thing called a career

5:00pm - 6:00pm EST
Online Workshop
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The common wisdom is you plan a career, but most careers have starts, stops, detours, missteps and occasional highlights. It is a drunken walk to a goal, but a goal that you set.

In audio and media, you can take deliberate steps to get you from here to there even if the ‘there’ changes over time. In this practical workshop veteran audio journalist John Barth will guide you through the steps you need to get clarity and navigate a path forward for your career. He’ll help you figure out how to determine what skills and experiences you need and when, how you move from an ‘its just a job’ mindset to something with purpose and even how to figure out when it’s time to change directions and careers entirely. You’ll learn how to use the careers of others as a blueprint for your own and will also discuss the importance of mentors.

Finally, you will learn to skillfully bypass what we see in so many colleagues – that sense of feeling lost, confused or bitter about where you are NOW, so you are able to approach your career with purpose and a compass. There is no one defined path – but there are things you can do to navigate, excel and demonstrate your value so your impact aligns with income and with some real satisfaction over time and you will leave this class confident that you have the insights you need to know when you are finally ready for the big leap.

You will be emailed a link to the workshop two hours before it begins. 

Who's this class for?

• Anyone who’s wondering - how do I know what I want to do?
• How do I get there?

About Your Instructor

John Barth

John Barth is a content developer and talent recruiter running his own firm, Creative Media LLC. He works with clients in public media, podcasting and social engagement and has deep expertise around building shows, podcasts and production teams. For 16 years, John was the Chief Content Officer of PRX, named by Fast Company magazine as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative media companies. He was responsible for almost all the broadcast and podcast content that PRX distributed, marketed, produced and developed. He led the design and launch of the investigative reporting program Reveal with The Center for Investigative Reporting; and The Moth Radio Hour, both Peabody Award winners. He’s overseen multiple broadcast specials and podcasts including work from The Smithsonian, Outside magazine, Esquire, TED and others. When PRX and PRI merged in 2018, John managed a combined broadcast portfolio headed by the global news program The World and The Takeaway. John was the founding producer of Marketplace, ran AOL's News and Politics channels and, while there, forged pioneering relationships with The New York Times, ABC News, Newsweek, Bloomberg and others. John also worked at Audible as director of original content, launching everything from audio horoscopes, to a sex show, to a technology program with James Fallows of The Atlantic. John has been an award-winning reporter, producer and news director at public radio stations in Missouri, Minnesota and Philadelphia. He has reported for Business Week. John has served on the advisory board for the School of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University for over 25 years and has taught there as well. He has an MA in journalism from the University of Missouri and also participated in astronomy research while pursuing a BA at the University of Delaware. In 2016, John received the Leo C. Lee Award for news leadership in public radio from the Public Media Journalism Association. John lives in St. Louis.