About Us

Do you love Ira Glass, have a secret crush on Terry Gross, or wanna be Audie Cornish when you grow up? Do you want to make or produce audio stories and get them on the airwaves or the internet?

Radio Boot Camp offers focused and intensive courses with professional instructors that will get you started and keep you going, whether you’ve never picked up a mic or know your basics but want to learn more.

Radio Boot Camp is a comprehensive virtual school for all things audio. We’re dedicated to making podcast education accessible, affordable and convenient. Choose your own online Zoom classes taught by enthusiastic experts, and leave your Boot Camp classes with the knowledge, skills and techniques you need to take the next steps in your podcasting journey.

Start your first podcast, learn to host with confidence, the basics of Pro Tools, Hindenburg or Reaper, how to deal with difficult guests and how to produce the kind of magical audio storytelling you've only listened to you’ve only listened to with awe. Sign up for Radio Boot Camp and come learn with us.

Founder Sally Herships created the original Radio Boot Camp introductory class in 2013 and is the Director of the Audio Program at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in NYC. Sally has taught Radio Boot Camp and an array of radio and podcast courses to hundreds students, both live and online. She has reported for multiple shows and outlets including BBC Radio 4, Studio 360,, Planet Money, The Indicator, NPR’s National Desk and more. She is the Co-Executive Producer and Host of The Heist, an award-winning podcast series from Center for Public Integrity investigating broken promises made by then-President Trump around his 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act After studying illustration at Parsons School of Design the kind folks at Radiolab took her in and trained her in all things audio for which she is forever grateful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are classes refundable?

Unfortunately we are not able to issue a refund if you cancel or do not attend a class. We're only able to run classes if they reach a certain capacity and we rely on that to pay instructors. If you are unable to make a class, you are welcome to sell or give away your ticket and email the name of the new attendee to info@radiobootcamp.org

Will classes be recorded?

Here's why we don't record. We want to be supportive of instructor's IP and unfortunately sometimes videos get downloaded/copied/shared when they're not meant to be. However, most workshops are offered again! So if you miss one the first time, there should be another session later!

I have an idea for a class I’d like you to offer. Can I suggest it?

Please do! Contact us at classes@radiobootcamp.org.

I'd like to pitch you a class. Is that ok?

It sure is! Write to us with your pitch at classes@radiobootcamp.org.