How to tell stories about healthcare in sound

12:00pm - 1:30pm EST
Online Workshop
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Stories about health care — and how much it costs — are some of the most important of our time. But they can also be really difficult.

Stories about health care are some of the most important of our time. Capturing them in audio can be especially challenging, and especially rewarding. Rewarding because health care stories are not just important, they’re intimate: These are stories about our bodies, our pocketbooks, and our families — at our most vulnerable. 

And these stories are challenging because they’re often wildly complicated. They can involve knotty questions of science (and law, and economics), and the actions of government regulators, elected officials, giant corporations like insurance and big pharma. In other words: some of the most complex and powerful forces in our society.

In this online workshop, we’ll talk through ways to get your arms around that complexity, to write through it
for the ear, while also holding close the intimate, human experience at your story’s heart..

You’ll leave class with the strategies you need to balance — and integrate — our nerdy drive to understand and unpack the big forces shaping our world, with our human yearning for intimacy and connectedness. You’re gonna love it.

About Your Instructor

Dan Weissmann

Dan Weissmann is the creator and host of An Arm and a Leg, a popular podcast about why health care costs so freaking much and what we can maybe do about it, produced in partnership with Kaiser Health News. Dan proudly notes that An Arm and a Leg is the only podcast in history to be a finalist for awards as Best Business Show (Ambie Awards, The Podcast Academy), Best Health Care Podcast (Webby Awards), and Best True Crime Show (Discover Pods). Previously, Dan was a staff reporter for public radio’s Marketplace and Chicago’s WBEZ. His stories appear in outlets like 99 Percent Invisible, Planet Money, Reveal, Code Switch, Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Dan’s work for those outlets tackles subjects that include the history of donut shops in America, racial inequities in the legal-weed business, and the series of engineering miracles that turned the Chicago River into a sewer. Prior to public radio, Dan wrote for Chicago-area print outlets and led community collaboration efforts at Redmoon Theater, a company that specialized in wild, glorious, large-scale spectacle productions. He has taught journalism at Columbia College Chicago and Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.