How to mix – for producers

12:00pm - 3:00pm EST
Online Workshop
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Mixing audio stories — creating balance and clarity with all of the audio elements in a story — is an essential part of the production process. It’s the point when muddy audio becomes intelligible, when music is balanced perfectly against the voice, and when creative choices about fades and scene tape are brought to life.

Mixing is so important and yet it can seem inaccessible, frustrating, and tedious. It uses tools not found elsewhere in the production process and demands skills that can be challenging to learn. It doesn’t have to be this way!

In this hands-on workshop, Criminal’s Rob Byers will help you understand the fundamental skills and tools needed to mix an audio story and solve common audio problems. You will work through mix exercises and receive in-the-moment feedback, designed to improve your comfort and facility with mixing your own pieces.

In order to take this course you must:

  • Have access to any DAW (Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Hindenburg, Reaper, etc.)
  • Know *how* to use the DAW with enough proficiency to edit, level, and deliver a piece — even if it’s not quite sounding the way you’d like it to!
  • Read the NPR Training mixing guide prior to the start of the workshop.

*This class is capped at 10.


About Your Instructor

Rob Byers

Rob Byers is the Director of Audio Engineering for Vox and has worked with broadcasters and podcast producers including NPR, Criminal, and American Public Media. Previously with NPR Training, Rob trained audio producers across the United States. He has recorded musicians from a variety of genres from Lizzo to Yo-Yo Ma, coordinated international broadcasts, and produced major features from the field. Rob has written guides for producers of all experience levels, including The Ear Training Guide for Audio Producers, The Audio Producer’s Guide to Loudness, and The Producer’s Handbook to Mixing Audio Stories.


Rob was an excellent teacher, there was ample time for questions and making sure everyone could follow.

It was a great balance between going over the fundamentals and talking about some more advanced stuff. Both were important and I learned lots. Also, Rob is such a natural teacher, was so nice to everyone, and explained things so clearly.

practical and simple, demystifying

I enjoyed that it was taught by Rob Byers, who is talented and well respected as an audio engineer. Also enjoyed the small class size and that it was available virtually. I'm also very happy with new things I learned: how to use a master track and how to use the EQ plug in and where to find these things in Adobe Audition. I'm excited to practice with some old audio files I have.

I really enjoyed the exercises Rob gave us and that we could screen share with him so that he could demonstrate on our programs who to find and do what he was explaining.

Notes on this Class

Refund and recording policy: Classes will not be recorded and are non-refundable. We are not able to issue a refund if you cancel or do not attend a class. If you are unable to make a class, you are welcome to sell or give away your ticket and email the name of the new attendee to You will receive a Zoom link for the workshop the day before it begins.