How to interview for narrative storytelling

12:00pm - 2:00pm EST
Online Workshop
Registration Closed

It takes a different set of interview skills to get people to share not just the facts of their situation, but also an actual narrative. In this online class, we’ll talk through practical skills for narrative interviewing, from figuring out what questions to ask, to asking questions in a way that prompts story and emotion, and how to help sources tap into the details of stories that are often long past.

You will be emailed a link to the workshop two hours before it begins.

*Registration will close at 6pm EST on Thursday, March 10th.

About Your Instructor

Karen Duffin

Karen is a longform journalist, editor and host, whose stories blend in-depth reporting with narrative storytelling. Most recently, she was a host of NPR's Planet Money and, before that, a reporter at This American Life and More Perfect. Karen's stories have appeared on Radiolab, Reply All, Rough Translation, On the Media, The Rumpus and others. She is also a live storytelling performer with shows like The Moth and Pop Up Magazine. Karen has taught audio documentary at the Columbia, NYU and CUNY Graduate Schools of Journalism, and live storytelling as a story coach for The Moth. Before becoming a journalist, Karen spent several years as a speechwriter, working in more than 20 countries.